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Great Dragon Art Contest

Grand Prize $1,000 (1 selected)

Second Prize $200 Store Credit (1 selected)

Third Prize $100 Store Credit (3 selected)


We needed a mascot for Family Dragon. Since we know there are many Dragon loving artist out there we decided to open to all artist.

The Family Dragon should be good natured, but is not a pet. The Dragon is like the neighbor next door. You can decide gender, if the Dragon has a mate or children. Perhaps the Dragon has a job smelting Gold? Write up a background for your character.

The contest starts on 4/26/17 at 12:01 am. You may enter as many times as you want, as long as the Dragon is significantly different. You may only register as one user.

The contest ends on 9/25/18 and the winner will be unveiled at a major NY comic convention in October.

There is no fee or cost to enter.

  1. Contest is open to all Citizens of the US and where legal in your country.
  2. You must be 13 or older to enroll. If under 13 have your parent enroll.

  3. This contest is being held Family Dragon, a division of Public CTO inc.

  4. Contest starts on 4/25/18 at 12:01 am. New York Time

  5. Deadline for entries is 12/01/18 at Midnight New York Time

  6. makes no assurance or guarantees of uptime of website. Please do not wait for the last minute to enter.

  7. Entry requires registration, which require email and/or sms verification

  8. Hardcopy entries must be postmarked by 9/25/18 at Midnight New York Time and received no later than 9/28/18 by 6 pm New York Time.

  9. Final Judging will be done by our judges by 10/1/18. Winners will be notified on 10/2/18.

  10. Your entry must be your own work, free and clear of all copyrights. You must own all reproduction rights to the work.

  11. Prizes will be awarded by Bank Check. Winner is responsible for all taxes and may be required to fill out tax forms.

  12. You may only register one person per user, except when the artist is under 13. Then one parent or guardian can enter multiple children under their name.

  13. You may enter as many images as you want as long as they are all under one registered user.

  14. While you have an entry, you must agree to receive emails from Note: They will consist of both transactional and promotional emails from the site.

  15. All images and descriptions entered are licensed for use by in perpetually for promotion of the site- In all forms of media (print and digital)

  16. The artist retains all other rights to their artwork.

  17. Artists are free to link to the website and their image

  18. Image size and resolution:

    1. Image size must be at least 1020 wide

    2. Resolution must be at least 150 dpi

    3. Print size of 7 inches wide

    4. You may upload a higher resolution by cloud drives (DropBox, Google) if you have issues

  19. You may send hard copies to Family Dragon 28-24 Steinway Street, Box #303 Astoria NY 11103

  20. Hard copies will be returned at artist expense

  21. No employees, Vendors or Judges, their family members of Family Dragon, Public CTO inc, May enter.

  22. Should any prize winner be disqualified, the next runner up will advance

  23. The grand prize winner will assign all rights to the image and description to Family Dragon (Public CTO) . Winning artist will get a credit on Family Dragon website. This includes any description or story line.

  24. Basis of winning: Originality, detail, color usage and description. The Dragon needs a personality. It will be the spokes Dragon for the site

  25. On site voting- Registered users can show what they like by liking an image. This will not decide the winner, but may help Family Dragon to decide.

  26. Hidden messages, secret images etc must be revealed to via Private Message or you can be disqualified.

  27. Winners will submit an unaltered a vector based image, free of any watermarks (both Digital and printed) and free of signatures. Or we can keep the hard copy.

  28. Family Dragon reserves the right to make adjustments to the contest, excluding the prize amounts. These changes may be based on image size or other elements to make it easier to participate.

  29. Depictions of people in bondage, violent themes, hateful in nature, political in nature, harassment of people based on naturally occurring skin color, religion, choice of partners in life, will be disqualified. Family Dragon is the sole and final arbiter. You may include skeletal remains of fictitious or undefinable beings, gold and treasure, chains on walls etc. This is a family Dragon.